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PUSH IT UP: July Challenge

This month we will be challenging your cardiovascular system with in-home body weight cardio exercises. Our central focus for this challenge will be push-ups. (Don't run away yet!)

There will be two tiers for this challenge, because, unlike that Presidential Fitness Test we all took in middle school, we know not everyone starts at the same level. Find the quote below that fits you best to select which Tier you'll tackle.

(If you are unsure about your form, take a look at this article on how to build the perfect push-up.)


"I avoid push-ups at all costs. My arms are noodles."

→ Welcome to Tier 1.

TIER 1: For some, this will be a chance to work up to your first full push-up. Or maybe you can do 2 or 3... once a year. We're going to use this month to increase your upper body and core strength, and you'll see your push-up depth increase.


"I've got my push-up form down. I can do more than 5 without crying."

→ Welcome to Tier 2.

TIER 2: If you already have push-ups down, then we challenge you to work on some more difficult variations. Build up your range and increase your PR! By the end you'll basically be able to do hands-free push-ups.


Rest days can be taken off completely, but our trainers suggest an "Active Rest" day. This is composed of four simple moves.

How-to videos will be posted in our Facebook album, and we'll be cheering each other on in the BELONG by CAC private group. Don't forget to join us and do a little dance when your fellow members finally get their push-up down.

Here's a PDF file for those of you who want to print out the challenge, and vigorously cross out the days you get done. Maybe draw a little angry face on the ones that really make you sweat.

July challenge
Download PDF • 131KB

Will this be tough? Yes. But can you do it? Absolutely. You've got this.

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