Safety Procedures

Here's a detailed overview of all the changes we've put in place to ensure the health and safety of our members, staff, and guests.


Cleaning protocols

While we have always prioritized cleanliness, we have spared no expense upgrading the club to the latest equipment and protocols. All disinfecting products are registered effective in EPA listings related to COVID-19 and other viruses. In addition to our full-time cleaning staff, all team members will be instructed in how to continually clean and disinfect while in the club. High-traffic areas will be disinfected at least hourly. We have crafted a gym schedule and hours of operation (see Operations category) to allow for transitional periods. Additionally, our shortened hours of operation ensure that our Overnight Team can deep-clean the entire club.

Disinfectant wipes

It is mandatory for members to use the club-supplied disinfectant wipes on equipment and machinery before and after use. We have doubled our disinfectant stations and increased our supply of disinfectant wipes, which are approved by the EPA for use against COVID-19. They will be available throughout the club.

Enhanced air flow

Our state-of-the-art HVAC system allows for enhanced air flow ventilation. Filters are being changed regularly, and maintenence are completing daily checks. For extra cleanliness, fans throughout the club will be off.


Members will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering CAC. It will also be available at any of our plethora of stations through the entire club.

Feeling sick? Stay home

We ask that anyone stays home who: feels sick; has possibly been in contact with someone who is sick; feels they cannot comply with our new operational guidelines (e.g. wearing a mask, maintaining social distance.) Our staff has been notified of this protocol. and are encouraged to stay home if displaying any symptoms as well.


Operating hours

We have adjusted our daily hours to allow for an overnight team to deep-clean the entire club. We anticipate keeping these hours for the remainder of the summer. 215 First St Monday - Friday: 5:30 AM - 9:00 PM Sat/Sun: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
600 Technology Sq Monday - Friday: 5:30 AM - 8:00 PM (members have access to 215 First St on weekends)
101 Main St Closed temporarily, members have access to 215 First St or Tech Sq locations.
One Kendall Sq Closed temporarily, members have access to 215 First St or Tech Sq locations.

Limited occupancy

We'll be limiting the amount of people in the club to 40% occupancy to comply with Phase 3 guidelines. Due to how spacious our gym is, we have been nowhere near capacity limits.

Temporarily on pause

The following amenities will be temporarily closed until further notice: steam, sauna, towel service, and paper cups. As of 1/8/21, 25% of our showers are open. (You may bring your own personal workout towel, and your own water bottle. We will be allowing use of our hands-free bottle fillers.) We will be closely monitoring the MA state guidelines for the time we can safely make these amenities available. We know that steam and sauna will remain closed until further notice.

Social distancing

It is mandatory that all members maintain a 6-foot distance from other guests and staff members. Our clubs are spacious enough that this is easily possible. We have altered our layout so our machines are all 6 feet apart and have posted many notices, floor stickers, and other visual cues around the club to remind everyone of these guidelines.


The club layout has been altered to ensure the 6 feet social distancing guideliness can be followed. Some machines have been distanced, while others are closed or moved. There will be ample visual cues as to which are open or temporarily closed.


Our locker rooms will be open, ensuring 6 feet of social distancing measures are taken. Disinfectant wipes will be in all locker rooms; visitors must wipe down their locker before and after use. Those paying to rent a locker before our closure will have access to their lockers. Additionally, we will not be keeping a lost-and-found. If you bring something in, remember to take it home with you.

Time slots

We are not currently implementing a reservation system thanks to our expansive square footage. However, we ask that you limit your workout session to 60 minutes in respect of others' time. We are monitoring the daily check-ins, and, should it become an issue, we may implement a reservation system. We do not anticipate this, however.


No mask, no entry

All members and guests entering CAC must wear a mask at all times, per state guidelines. All staff will be complying with this requirement as well.

Staff will be supplied PPE

All CAC staff will be supplied with personal protective equipment (PPE) at no cost to them. Staff will be wearing masks at all times.

Front desk shield

New Plexiglass barriers have been installed at the front desk at both 215 First St and 600 Technology Square to ensure additional protection for front desk staff and members.

Temperature check

Staff will be required to take their temperature before every shift. Visitors to the gym will not be subjected to a temperature check; by entering the premises, you are affirming that you haven't had a fever.


On-site classes

On-site, in-studio group fitness classes resumed 9/8, the Tuesday after Labor Day. For more information, see here. On-site classes will be offered only at our 215 First Street location.

No studio usage

When classes are not in session, usage of the group fitness studios will not be allowed. If you'd like to rent a studio privately, learn more here.

Reduced schedule and size

There will be a smaller schedule than usual, so that members and CAC staff have time to clean and disinfect equipment in between classes. This means no back-to-back classes. The number of participants will be capped at a smaller number than usual, to accomodate distancing.

Group ex equipment

Members must bring their own equipment when appropriate, like yoga mats. Everyone must wipe down any CAC equipment they use before and after use.

Virtual classes

We have made use of this time away by launching Virtual Classes! Be sure to check out our schedule. We will continue with virtual classes along with live, in-studio classes.

No fans

No fans will be allowed to run in the studios or the gym.

Masks during class

Due to Cambridge and state ordinance, masks must be worn during class.


In-person training

In-person training is available. Inquire here. Masks must be worn by both trainers and clients during in-person sessions. PT clients will also have access to private studio space.

Virtual training

Virtual training will remain available. If you are not able to visit the club in-person, you can still get training at-home with any of our experienced trainers. Click here for more info.

Contactless ordering

If you are interested in buying PT packages, we ask that you update your credit/debit card on file on the MindBody website. Any contracts will be sent digitally. This will minimize contact and allow for quicker transactions.

InBody Tests

InBody body composition tests will still be available. These tests are administered with a Personal Trainer, who will ensure the machine is wiped down before and after each session. You can schedule a test here.



CAC unfroze all memberships and resumed normal billing cycles when we opened our doors, Monday, July 6th. We have allowed for extended freezes for anyone hesitant to come in, or whose company is still work from home. Any questions can be directed to

Freeze + Cancel

We understand many companies are remaining WFH; CAC is happy to extend your freeze to match your company's return date. Just email with the date you'd like your membership hold extended to; we are allowing extensions until the end of 2020. As always, freezing is free of charge. You can also email Carla if you would like your membership canceled. We realize and empathize that the COVID-19 pandemic has created unforeseen circumstances; as a result, we have shortened our cancellation policy to a 7-day notice. Don't hesitate to reach out.


For our initial phase of reopening, CAC will not be allowing Free Trial Passes. You may visit the club on a Day Pass for $20. Please prepurchase passes before entering the club. (Info about an MBO account + our app here.) This can be deducted from your Enrollment Fee if you decide to join. If you are a member, any guest you bring may purchase a Guest-of-A-Member Pass for $10. The guest and member must be present at the desk. Ensure you have your card on file in MBO, in order to allow for a contactless sale. Please note: To ensure we have space for our members, we are not currently allowing the discounted Basketball Pick-up rate of $10. Additionally, please refrain from bringing children or other guests who wait in the lounge area. We cannot allow anyone in for free because we want to ensure there is socially distanced space for paying members.

Contactless check-in

Downloading the CAC App will aid in quicker check-in at the front desk. Please ensure you have the CAC App barcode or your Scan Card ready before coming into the Lobby (As you may know, some cellular companies don't get great service in the Athenaeum building, so pulling it up before coming in is smart.) Please be mindful of your fellow members. Giving us your name at the front desk will significantly slow down the check-in process. We do have Scan Cards in case you do not have a smartphone.


We're all in this together! Please be kind to one another.

Accepting new members

Not a member with us yet? We are accepting new clients for the time being. Check out our membership page for more info.


The squash and basketball courts are open for use. However, competitive leagues will not resume at this time.