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Club Updates

Here's a detailed overview of all the changes we've put in place to ensure the health and safety of our members, staff, and guests. Please read carefully, as we have updated procedures.

  • I want to go to class. What do I do?
    Go to our online schedule or sign into the app, and click the sign-up button for whichever class you want to attend! You can sign-up for class up to 3 days in advance. On the day of class check in at the front desk no later than 10 minutes before class. You now have your spot fully secured for class. If you’re attending a class with equipment that needs setting up, we recommend you set your equipment up as soon as you can after arriving at the gym. ​ Anyone joining a class will take care to arrive at the club and check in no later than 10 minutes before class. If you arrive later than this, you may still find a spot in class, but your pre-booked spot is no longer reserved. Members that signed up for a class but were put on the wait-list can inquire at the front desk about open spots. If the class is still fully booked, wait-listed members can wait until 10 minutes before class. Wait-listed members can then get assigned a spot of any member who was signed up but did NOT arrive at (or before) the 10 minute mark.
  • I want to go to class, but when I tried to sign up, the class was full. What do I do?"
    If the class is full, but there is still room on the waitlist: sign up for a spot on the waitlist. On the day of class, be at the front desk 10 minutes before class. We will open up classes to members on the waitlist 10 minutes before class start. If there are open spots in class, they will put waitlisted members on in order of waitlist sign-up number. If the waitlisted member the front desk is calling out is not at the front desk at that time, their spot goes to the next member on the waitlist. If your name is moved from the waitlist to class at the front desk 5-10 minutes before class, you now have a fully secured spot and can go set up your equipment/grab your spot. We recommend you set up any equipment as soon as you can after checking in. At 5 minutes before class, if waitlisted spots were not claimed we will open up any remaining class spots to anyone at the front desk at that time who did not sign up in advance. If you did no secure your spot from the waitlist by then, you may not be allocated a spot.
  • I want to go to class, but when I tried to sign up, the class was full, AND so was th waitlist. What do I do?"
    If you could not sign up for a class spot because both class and waitlist were already full, you can come to the front desk on the day, 5-10 minutes before class, and front desk personnel will check if there were cancellations for class spots. If they had cancellations, they can directly sign you in for a spot in class. If they found you a spot, you can now go set up your equipment and claim your spot.
  • It’s 5 minutes to class start. I was signed up online but I didn’t yet check in at the front desk - or I didn’t get my spot moved from waitlist to class - do I still have my spot?
    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your spot is still there if there is high demand and a waitlist for that class. With 10 minutes to class, the front desk will allocate any spots not yet claimed. If you had a signed in spot, and you come in later than 10 minutes before class start, you may still have a spot in class if no one else claimed it. Ask at the front desk as you check in. Front desk personnel cannot reclaim a spot they already re-allocated to a waitlisted member. If you were waitlisted and you didn’t check in with the Front Desk between 5 and 10 minutes before class, any remaining spots in class may have been allocated to walk-ins.
  • I want to go to class, but I don’t want to sign up for it beforehand or I know I won’t be arriving 10 minutes before class. Can I still come to class?"
    Check with front desk as you arrive at the club. If you did not sign up for class and you did not sign up for a waitlisted spot, then you must wait until 5 minutes before class. If there are still open spots 5 minutes before class start, the Front Desk or Class Instructor may have an open spot for you. Do not grab a spot/bike/bench in class without explicit go-ahead from Front Desk personnel or Instructor as you may be asked to vacate it again for signed in/up and waitlisted members.
  • Can I setup and hold a spot/bench/bike for my friend until they show up?
    Holding a spot/bike or setting up a bench for someone else does not secure the spot of that person. You can only secure your own spot in class (see above procedures). In the circumstance where you set up a bench for a friend, and all other benches are then claimed by signed in/up members, the bench you set up goes to the next member who needs a bench and who was signed up for class. If your friend makes it in time to secure their spot (if signed in, 10 minutes before class, if wait-listed - between 5 and 10 minutes before class) then they may grab the bench you set up for them - and ONLY in that case.
  • What are the prices to take a class?​
    215 First Street Members | First Street classes included with membership. $5 drop-in for classes at Technology Square. 600 Technology Square Members | Technology Square classes included with membership. First Street classes included on weekends and holidays; otherwise, a $5 drop-in fee. 101 Main Street & One Kendall Square Members | $5 drop-in fee for classes at First Street or Technology Square. Passport Members | Passport includes classes at both First Street & Technology Square locations. Non-Member/Drop-in Fee | $20 Guest of a Member Fee | $10
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