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Gym Access Outside of Cambridge

Cambridge Athletic Club is part of the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway, which allows members to quickly access great health clubs in all corners of the world.


Maintain your routine - wherever you are.


If you are a fitness enthusiast who frequently goes on business or leisure trips, you already know the difficulties that come with traveling. Access to gyms can be expensive or overcomplicated, and we consequently skip our sessions for a period of time. When we arrive home, we notice decreases in our progress and feel as we’re starting all over again.


What if there is a way to diminish these non-active periods? Maintaining your usual routine when traveling will help you to never lose focus on your goals.

More than 1300 worldwide gyms - at your fingertips.


Cambridge Athletic Club’s participation in the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway, offers members an effortless way to access health clubs around the globe. There are 1300 gyms available, and you can find them in Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific and 49 US States - including popular destinations such as Las Vegas, New York City, Washington DC and Los Angeles.


The program allows our members to get discounted rates and exclusive access to all clubs in the program, via the TrainAway platform. 


Additionally, IHRSA Passport and TrainAway users visiting Cambridge can buy affordable day passes for our club at the Technology Square and First Street locations. 


Never miss a workout - even when traveling.


Establishing a regular fitness routine is hard in itself. If you have already achieved that, yet miss your workout sessions when traveling, you might notice it’s just as difficult to return to your routine after long periods of missing out. With this program, we offer a simple solution that will decrease the negative effects traveling can have on your fitness, by offering gym access just as effortless as it is when you’re at home.


Some travelers seek for alternative ways to stay active when they travel, but nothing can beat a full-service health club. It offers all the equipment, classes and staff you need to maintain your usual routine, giving you just as good results as you’d get at home. 


When you visit a new club in a different location, you will also encounter other fitness enthusiasts who will give you a fresh perspective on training. You will return home with new knowledge and increased motivation to reach your fitness goals. 

There are just four simple steps you have to follow to become an active traveler with TrainAway and IHRSA:



Discover your next workout destination today through


*To get discounted club access, you’ll need to enter your invitation code on sign up. Contact club reception to receive your code. For more info and a video tutorial, please click here.

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