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CAC Mask Rewardss

CAC Rewards

We believe that hard work deserves recognition, which is why we've designed the ultimate gym rewards program to elevate your fitness journey. Say goodbye to mundane workouts and hello to a world where you can sweat, earn, and repeat with exciting incentives awaiting you at every step. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness adventure, CAC's rewards system is here to motivate, inspire, and help you achieve your goals. It's time to make your fitness journey even more rewarding – are you ready to join us?

point system


$1 Spent on Pro Shop
Club Check-in
Instagram Tag
Twitter Follow
Yelp/Google Review
Squash Court Booked & Attended
Group Fitness Class Attended
Personal Training Session Attended
Nutrition Session Attended
CrossFit Class Attended
Join Rewards Program
Refer A Friend


15% Off VitalityBowls Superfood Cafe
15% Off Lily P's Fried Chicken & Oysters
$5 off Private Bachata or Kizomba Lesson
CAC Tank Top
$7 Guest Pass
Pair of CAC Yoga Pants
1-Month Free Locker
15% off 1st 3 Orders with Laundryheap
InBody Body Composition Scan
Personal Fitness Evaluation (1x use only)
$50 Off 1-Month Autopay

*Rewards are subject to availability and are rotated accordingly.*


How do I enroll?

You’ll receive an invitation in your email when you attend your first class, or you can sign-up today on Perkville. Be sure to use the same email address you used when you signed-up at CAC.

Help! My points disappeared!

- You were inactive for 180 days. This means that you did not complete an earning activity such as checking in to the club or taking a class (such as in the case of freezing your membership). It would be helpful to use your points prior to freezing your account.


- Point Expiration: Points will automatically expire 1 days after membership cancellation or 180 days after not earning any of the following perks: Membership Enrollment, $1 spent on Pro Shop, Club Check-In, Instagram Tag, Completed Feedback Request, Personal Training Session Attended, Nutrition Session Attended, Crossfit Class Attended, Yelp/Google Review, and Group Fitness Class Attended.*

- If your points disappeared and you were not inactive, you did not freeze your membership, nor was your membership suspended or canceled, please contact Alexandria at

- You cancelled your membership. All points will expire one day after cancelling a membership.


Still not sure why they expired? Email

I'm having trouble redeeming rewards.

Sign in to your Perkville account, Click Redeem and select the perk you want. Show the front desk your voucher via printout or phone to redeem your perk.

How do I refer a friend?

From the Perkville site click the “Refer a Friend” link, and submit your friend’s email as a referral. You can also access this on the CAC App.

Then your friend can visit CAC via a Free Day Pass. Once your friend signs up for a CAC membership, you are automatically rewarded for the referral (as long as you referred your friend via Perkville prior to their CAC visit and they used the same email address).

If your referral was not entered correctly, please email You will see your referral points within 10 days.

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