The Squash Program

COVID-19 Update: Squash Courts are currently open, but limited to 2 people per court. All racquet rentals, leagues, and round robins are currently suspended. Contact Naji Khan if you'd like to schedule socially-distanced squash lessons. Inquire here if you're interested in privately renting the courts.

Squash Hall

Squash Policies

UPDATED 1/28/21

  • Masks are required to be worn at ALL times

  • Squash courts can only be used for squash play

  • Non-marking shoes are required at all times. No black-soled shoes

  • Non-Members may NOT book squash courts in advance. Booking is a MEMBER PRIVILEGE

  • Every court reservation requires two-players. Solo practice can only be done if there is an open court

  • NO DOUBLE BOOKING. No back-to-back play. The same two members/guests should not be playing in consecutive court sessions

    • If the court is open prior to or after your booking you can play/walk-on, but you can NOT reserve the courts back-to-back

  • ​Members cannot reserve both courts at the same slot

  • A member cannot reserve a court on behalf of another member

  • Guest fee for court use is $15 if the guest is accompanied by the member. If there's no member present, each non-member is required to pay the $20 Day Pass

  • The club has a right to delete any and all reservations that it perceives as a violation to the court reservation policy or deemed necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the club.  The Reservation System will send an automated cancellation notification if the member has provided an email address in our system - which we highly recommend

  • There is a "no-show penalty fee" for players that do not show-up for their reservation or do not cancel their court reservation at least 90-minutes prior to the start-time.  The entire fee will be billed to the account of the member that is listed on the reservation

  • Squash lessons can only be given by CAC Staff.  Instruction that is deemed a "squash lesson" will be determined by our staff. Violation will result in removal from the court, & possibly the club

The Cambridge Athletic Club at 215 First St is the only public squash club in Cambridge and is regarded as one of the premier squash venues in the Boston area. Our members have won numerous state singles and team championships. The club boasts a well-organized squash program, and the best squash pros in the area.

Racquet Re-stringing

Racquets are re-strung within 48-hours from pick-up. The cost varies depending on the string type. Please contact Naji Khan, Squash Program Director for more information.



Our Squash Pros

The Khan brothers have each played professional squash for more than 25 years. They now devote their time to teaching beginners and juniors, coaching advanced players, and developing squash programs. They have served as Head Squash Professional at the Harvard Club of Boston, Back Bay Racquet Club, Waverley Oaks Athletic Club, Boston Racquet Club, and Boston Sports Clubs.


The Khan brothers come from a long-line of distinguished squash players comprising the world famous “Khan Dynasty of Squash.” The Khan family dominated the sport of squash for decades. The "first family of squash," as they are known worldwide, have won more championship titles than any family (in any sport) in history. There have been books, countless articles, and even a documentary, “Keep Eye on Ball,” about the family’s rise and dominance of the sport. We are delighted to have had Naji Khan as our squash pro for over 10 years.

Naji Khan, Squash Program Director 

Phone Number: 617-821-8040


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