The Squash Program

COVID-19 Update: Squash Courts are currently open, but limited to 2 people per court. All racquet rentals, leagues, and round robins are currently suspended. Contact Naji Khan if you'd like to schedule socially-distanced squash lessons. Inquire here if you're interested in privately renting the courts.

Naji Khan, Squash Program Director 

Phone Number: 617-821-8040


The Cambridge Athletic Club at 215 First St is the only public squash club in Cambridge and is regarded as one of the premier squash venues in the Boston area. Our members have won numerous state singles and team championships. The club boasts a well-organized squash program, and the best squash pros in the area…making it the place to play!


The program features very active intermediate and beginner ladders and attracts many highly ranked players in the region. The squash program includes: Round-robins, Box Ladders, Challenge Ladders, Leagues, Beginner Clinics, and Private Squash Lessons.


It’s really easy to get started. Contact Naji Khan, our Squash Program Director, to determine your level-rating. Once you obtain a level-rating, you will be directed to the programs that best fit your level of play. And, the level-rating will enable Naji to forward you a list of playing partners that you can contact. 


Squash Round-Robins


Players have the opportunity to participate in organized, competitive round-robins that are held on designated nights each week. The club reserves courts and organizes the event so all players need to do is come play. The round-robins, which are managed by Naji Khan, prove to be a great opportunity to have your level-rating evaluated and to meet other members that play at the same level. You can also discuss some of the other elements of squash program with our squash pro. The round-robins schedule is updated each season to meet the demands of our squash players.

2020 Round-Robin Schedule



Each round-robin is limited to 8 players. Participants can sign-up by registering at the Front Desk on the same day as the scheduled round-robin (at the designated time listed on the schedule). Call the Front Desk at 617.491.8989. New members; beginners; and upper-intermediate (advanced) players should register with Naji Khan, our Squash Program Director.



Boxed Ladder

The Box Ladder is a monthly competition that is made-up of several different player brackets in which all the players (at their respective playing levels) play each other. The overall winner of each bracket will move-up to the next level bracket. The person who finished last in their respective bracket will move down to a lower bracket. Needless to say, it’s a great way to find playing partners.



Challenge Ladder

The Challenge Ladder is a competitive ranking system for players within the club. The Squash Program Director will get you started by assigning you a level-rating and placing you on the existing Challenge Ladder, which is posted near the squash courts. From that point onward players compete to establish and hold respective Challenge Ladder positions. To climb the ladder, players must challenge and beat players that are listed above them. If a player loses a challenge match they move down the ladder. Contact Naji Khan, the Squash Program Director, to get started.


More Squash Information

MA Squash Leagues

The club fields a number of teams in the Massachusetts Squash league each year. In fact, During the 2018-2019 season our Open 3.5 team fell one game short of repeating as League Championship. And, our Open 4.5, Open 4.0 and Women’s 3.5/2.5 teams made it to the playoffs. During previous years the members of CAC have captured the state team championship numerous times. We’re hoping to have another fun, successful year!


The team matches are played once each week against teams from other clubs in the Boston area. The current squash league runs from October 2019 through March 2020.  Last season we have fielded 5-teams, which include an Open 4.5, Open 4.0, Open 3.5, Open 3.0, and Women’s 3.5/2.5. We have more information about the league posted on the Squash Bulletin Board at the club. If you’re interested in participating on one of the club teams contact the Squash Program Director.



Beginner Clinics

The Beginner Squash Clinic take place each month with one of our squash pros. They are free of charge for CAC members. They are designed for individuals who have little or no squash playing experience. Instruction includes a basic introduction to the rules, scoring, strokes, serve, serve return, strategy, and more. It is also a great opportunity to meet members at a similar playing level.


The next Beginner Squash Clinic is scheduled on Thursday, Sept 26th (6:45-8:15pm). Each session is limited to 5-participants. Contact Naji Khan, the Squash Program Director, to sign-up.



Private Squash Lessons

Please contact Naji Khan for more information


Loaner Racquets:

The club does have a limited number of Loaner Racquets available at the Front Desk.  A valid photo ID (which will be held at the Front Desk) is required to borrow a racquet. Individuals borrowing a racquet will be responsible for the return of the racquet and will be accessed an appropriate fee for any damage to the racquet.



Racquet Re-stringing:

Racquets are re-strung within 48-hours from pick-up. The cost varies depending on the string type. Please contact the Naji Khan, Squash Program Director for more information.



Our Squash Pros:

The Khan brothers have each played professional squash for more than 25 years. They now devote their time to teaching beginners and juniors, coaching advanced players, and developing squash programs. They have served as Head Squash Professional at the Harvard Club of Boston, Back Bay Racquet Club, Waverley Oaks Athletic Club, Boston Racquet Club, and Boston Sports Clubs.


The Khan brothers come from a long-line of distinguished squash players comprising the world famous “Khan Dynasty of Squash.” The Khan family dominated the sport of squash for decades. The "first family of squash," as they are known worldwide, have won more championship titles than any family (in any sport) in history. Their father, grandfather, uncles, and cousins have all held world squash titles. The family holds the record for the most British Open and North American Open squash titles, two of the most prestigious awards in squash. Five members of the family (which includes their father) are the only players to have ever won both the world hardball and softball squash championships. Three of the Khans are the only players to have won the world hardball and softball squash titles during the same year. There have been books, countless articles, and even a documentary, “Keep Eye on Ball,” about the family’s rise and dominance of the sport. We are delighted to have had Naji Khan as our squash pro for over 10 years.

Court Reservations:

Members can reserve courts up to three (3) days in advance by booking online using the schedule below, through the website or the CAC Mobile App, or by contacting the Front Desk.  Members are restricted to reserving only 1-court per day via the online court booking system.  Members cannot reserve back-to-back courts. Members that do not show-up for their court reservation may be subject to a “no-show fee”.    


Court reservations are restricted to members-only during peak hours (Mon-Fri:  6:45-9:00am and 4:30-7:30pm) – both players must be members to reserve a court.  


During off-peak hours members can reserve a court with a guest. Players that are not members can use the courts (for a fee) on a drop-in basis. Non-members and guests are subject to a guest fee.


For assistance with Squash Court Reservations, please call the Front Desk at 617.491.8989.



215 First Street (In Athenaeum)
Cambridge, MA 02142
(617) 491-8989


Mon-Fri: 5:30am - 9:00pm

Sat & Sun: 8:00am - 4:00pm

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600 Technology Square
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Mon-Fri: 6 AM-8:00 PM

Sat & Sun: access to First St

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101 Main St.
Cambridge, MA 02142
(617) 491-8272


Temporarily CLOSED. Member access to First and Tech.

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One Kendall Square (OKS)
Cambridge, MA 02139
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