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Safety is and has always been our number one priority. With the dismissal of mandatory masks, we are pleased to announce we invested in AirPHX technology for our clubs to improve air quality and reduce the risk of respiratory droplet transmissions. AirPHX kills coronaviruses and other germs both in the air and on surfaces. (And it's pronounced "air-fix", if you're wondering!)

What It Does

destroys airborne pathogens


sends oxidized air through club

controls germs and odor

"AIRPHX devices produce a variety of oxidizing molecules that are generated when ambient air is drawn through the plasma cell.  These are molecules that occur naturally in most environments, but AIRPHX produces them in a unique mixture and at levels that are extremely effective in killing germs and viruses. Because it requires no chemicals or liquid additives, the AIRPHX process is safe and certified to comply with Federal organic standards (…) A single AIRPHX PA2400 device will generally treat 250,000 cubic feet of air (25,000 square feet with a 10 foot ceiling) and all the exposed surfaces in the treatment space."


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