Personal Training

Our trainers at CAC base their success solely on your results and are dedicated to achieving your goals.  Our Personal Training staff  is comprised of fitness professionals who have the educational and practical background to train every client. Our staff is made up of exercise physiologists and certified personal trainers who hold nationally accredited certifications combined with valuable fitness experience and expertise. Our goal is to deliver high quality personal training through developing and maintaining a knowledgeable, caring, and client results driven PT staff.

Introductory Offer

Upon joining, all CAC members receive a complimentary training session with one of our certified trainers. These are customized to fit our members' individual fitness needs, but generally consist of two sessions as outlined below: 

Session #1- Personal Fitness Evaluation

The PFE is your comprehensive fitness analysis that allows our PT staff to assess and test to find out exactly what it is you want and need out of this new investment in yourself, and what it will take to get you there.

Quantitative Analysis and Fitness Testing includes: 

  • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

  • Previous Exercise History

  • Goal Setting

  • Health/Injury screening

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • Functional Movement Screening

  • Muscular Endurance and Strength Test

  • Cardiovascular Endurance Test

Session #2 – Applied Workout Session

Based on the results of your PFE, your trainer will use this data and implement it through an applied workout session where you will have first hand experience of the benefits to working out with a certified fitness professional. Once you experience the added motivation and guidance during this session, we can create a customized workout plan to tailor to your needs and goals in future sessions.

To book your complimentary Personal Fitness Evaluation, please fill out the form above.

Everyone can benefit from PT:

For Beginners

Get the top level fitness instruction you need to get started. Not only will you learn everything you need to achieve your goals, you will see results.

For Intermediates

Even if you have exercise experience, you will still benefit from working with a trainer. Our certified trainers will help take your current workouts to the next level. You will see gains and even more results.

For Advanced/ Elite Athletes

Fine-tune your programs to achieve your peak!  Meet with C.A.C.’s trainers that specialize in elite exercise and sports specific training to customize a program specific to you and your training needs.

For Rehabilitation

Recovering from an injury or illness? All of C.A.C.’s personal trainers are trained in exercise and rehabilitation. Meet with us so we can help you recover to healthy training levels in a safe, effective way.