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COVID-19 Update

Updated: May 14, 2023

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and under the guidance of public health officials and the requirements set forth by the State of Massachusetts, CAC shut down all clubs effective Tuesday, March 17th. All locations will remain closed until further notice. We will be monitoring the situation closely to await a time where congregating in groups is no longer a threat to public health. We will reopen as soon as possible!

It is an uncertain time in all aspects of life. We are all feeling it but we are in this together. We have frozen all membership dues during this time, no member will be charged their membership dues. When we reopen each membership will be reactivated and everyone will have access the day we reopen. Closing and suspending membership dues was not an easy choice. Each gym, health club, and wellness organization are taking different steps at this time, but we felt as a business and community we needed to do what was morally right in these uncertain times.

We're doing what we can to keep healthy and helpful during this time. Check out our Virtual Club page to see the variety of options we're offering to stay active at home.

Please be well, and take all precautions for yourself and your families. We will get through this together. CAC, and all of our staff, look forward to a return to normalcy as we do our part flattening the curve.

If you have further questions please contact

More updates will be posted via email, our website, and social media.

Stay active, healthy, and safe,

CAC Management

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