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"Tanner is an intelligent and skilled personal trainer. He listens well, takes my goals to heart and works me hard to attain them. Tanner is relentless in ensuring that my form is correct and my challenges grow with my abilities. I look back at where I started and am amazed at what I can now handle on a strength and cardio level. Personal training improved my performance during my sports seasons as well as my overall confidence."

 " I wanted it all: greater flexibility, strength and balance, but I could never have imagined the progress that I am actually making.  Thanks to Matt’s assessment of my status on each of those points, his skillfully targeted programing and unwavering encouragement, I’m confidently on my way! He is a gifted coach."

William W.

Odell S.

Theodore S.

Sheri A. 

"Because of Jared’s encouragement and enthusiasm, I have not only become so much more confident in my athletic abilities but in myself as well.  Thanks to Jared, my workout “routine” has become something that is not routine at all, but just a part of how I live my life."

Jen R. 

Jen R. 

Ana C.


“Meaghan is really positive, realistic, flexible, knowledgeable and consistent.” 

—  Jon A.

Before I started training with Joe, I suffered a serious concussion that precluded me from any physical activity for three months; I lost 15 pounds of muscle due to atrophy — I was in the weakest shape of my life. Six weeks into training with Joe, I'm now stronger than I was during my athletic career; I've gained back 12 pounds of muscle; and I've set new personal records for all my major muscle groups. Considering my original goal was to gain 15 pounds in 12 weeks, we're operating at 160%. Above all, Joe is an earnest, stand-up guy with a good sense of humor. 10/10 would recommend.

My goals for a long time have been sustainable weight loss and overall fitness, but I was never able to find a routine that worked well for me. Sara introduced me to hypertrophy when we first met a few months ago, and I knew immediately that it was the right choice for me. I feel like I make tangible progress with every session. Sara is always prepared, and has a way of demanding focus without making you feel pressured. Training with Sara is like being on auto-pilot, she knows how to make a workout feel like fun instead of like work. Her knowledge of anatomy and very obvious innate sense of how bodies work allows me to be completely sure that I'll be pushed to exactly the right place. I recently busted a rib while snowboarding and after getting medical clearance Sara also helped me ease me back into the workout routine using specific rehab techniques. Highly recommend this trainer to anyone who wants a reliable, knowledgeable, tough, and creative taskmaster.

I really enjoy working with Sara, who is always checking to make sure I’m okay, and encourages me to challenge myself.


Sara is patient, knowledgeable, always positive and a joy to work with.

Susan H.

A couple of years ago, I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I was paired with Emily as a trainer, and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.  She challenges me every week to accomplish things I didn't know my body was capable of.  It's not always pretty, but with her encouragement and support I went from a wheezing mess trying to do one simple push-up to smoothly lifting over 130 lbs. She's helped me grow in not only strength but confidence.  She's kind, patient, and knows just how far to push you to reach your goal.  She's an incredible trainer and a huge asset to CAC.

 Joe was the trainer assigned to me for my “free” evaluation as a new member.  In full transparency, I agreed to the two free sessions with no intention of signing on with a trainer (and certainly not a male trainer!).  While I have worked with trainers consistently for the past five years, I had determined to take a break and not spend the money.  Joe changed that.


From the first session he was engaged, and truly interested in what I wanted to accomplish.  My goals are to maintain overall health, strength and flexibility, despite chronic back/knee issues.  Working with Joe has made me realize I had become complacent with my workout routine and had stopped pushing myself somewhere along the way.  I truly believe you get out of your workout what you put in, and Joe is relentless in making sure I give it my all.


Since November, I have doubled my deadlift PR, have flipped tractor tires for the first time, learned a whole new set of abdominal exercises and hauled a sandbag for what seems like miles, all at durations I did not think possible.


Joe is a fantastic coach and motivator!  Knowledgeable, down to earth, no-nonsense and always with a plan!  I look forward to our sessions, as I know I will push myself each and every time.  Embrace the Journey!

I’ve been working with Sara since early September and I’ve been very happy with the experience. From our initial consultation and through each workout, Sara has taken a very client-centric approach, making sure to understand my goals, and evolving injury status to tailor each workout to my needs at the time. She has also been very accommodating to my unpredictable work schedule. I enjoy each workout as Sara has routines that are fun and offer a lot of variety. She also has a very positive attitude and working out with her often puts me in a more positive mindset for the rest of the day. I’d highly recommend Sara to anyone looking for fun, challenging and tailored workouts that keep them motivated to keep coming back to the gym.

Sports have been part of my life from a young age, whether it be swimming, volleyball, lacrosse, crew, or sailing. Before joining the CAC I had pretty much trained with a team or on my own. I met Jared through taking Les Mills body pump and rpm classes and enjoyed his energy and enthusiasm during them.


In 2011, after about a year of taking classes, I started personal training with Jared.  One of my goals for training was to be physically stronger--he introduced me to weight training, which previously was never part of my workout regimen.  Due to my knee surgery in 2007, I had apprehensions about my ability to lift heavy weights. Jared took my concerns into account and had me do exercises to strengthen my knees and increase my mobility. Now, I can confidently do back and front squats with more than my body weight.  I am stronger now than I have ever been. 


Jared is caring, supportive, and encouraging. He motivates me to push beyond my perceived limits. His passion for fitness is apparent in the creative, challenging, and fun workouts he creates for me.

Julie E.

Brian O.

Monica W.

I started working with Jared knowing absolutely nothing about working out and physical fitness. I've been training for about a year and a half now and he's been great teaching me what to do and encouraging me to push myself past where I think I can go. When I started,  I was feeling very intimidated by everything in the gym but I've become more comfortable with using the weights and equipment and now find myself looking forward to our sessions. I've really appreciated his dedication to not just my physical but also mental development in this regard. We've also started tracking my personal best max weights, and it's been especially encouraging seeing that grow with time and show real results. I also really appreciate Jared's understanding of my sometimes shifting schedule and his willingness to work with me on finding times for our sessions

Entering and progressing through middle age, I began seeking recreational fitness. I discovered my naivete and sought professional trainers. Eric has trained me for about 6y and constantly amazes me with his empathy, awareness, ability to challenge me, and raw skill. At first, I was seeking basic daily fitness: flexibility, better recovery, and core strength. Eric's progressed me through those and beyond to overall strength, balance, and self-pride. Every session he quickly assesses what I need and adjusts his plans to directly address my immediate and long-term needs. His corrections are easy to understand. He's also a wonderful non-judgmental raconteur who gently gets to know you as a person.

Matt M.

Don M.

Jon A.

After years of struggling to rehab my knee tendonitis on my own, I began training with Meaghan with 2 goals: 1. To get my knee healthy enough so that I can enjoy activities like running and playing basketball again, 2. To re-establish exercise as a regular part o my weekly routine.  I have been training with her for 9 months and throughout the entire time we've trained I have seen clear and consistent improvement with my knee and with my overall conditioning.  I am even running 5K races again and am back to playing some basketball as well.  Meaghan is really positive, realistic, flexible, knowledgeable, and consistent. Her dedication has helped motivate me to stay dedicated.  Every individual workout is really well structured, and the overall fitness program she created was designed to help me meet my goals while also providing me with constant challenge.  I highly recommend her as a personal trainer.

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