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Squat Variations

Discover an array of effective Squat Variations exercises expertly demonstrated by our certified personal trainers. From targeted movements to comprehensive routines, our video collection is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, explore these guided workouts to elevate your fitness journey. Let's strengthen, sculpt, and transform together with the Personal Training Team at Cambridge Athletic Club.

Upper Body Pull Variations - X Pull

X cable pull

Squat Variations - Zercher Squat

Zercher squat

Overhead Press Variation - Z Press

Z overhead press

Deadlift Variation - Sumo Grip

Sumo grip deadlift

Core - Kettlebell Marches

Kettlebell marches

Bench Press Variations - Incline

Incline bench press

Accessory Lower Body - Split Squats

Front split squats

Accessory Upper Body - Flies


Upper Body Pull Variations - Tri Pull

Tri cable pull

Squat Variations - Overhead Squat

Overhead squat

Overhead Press Variation - Unilateral Press

Unilateral overhead press

Deadlift Variation - Snatch Grip

Snatch grip deadlift

Core - Deadbugs


Bench Press Variations - Close-grip

Close-grip bench press

Accessory Lower Body - Split Squats

Split squats

Accessory Upper Body - Overhead Tri

Overhead tricep

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