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Chiara Rego

Personal Trainer

Chiara Rego

Chiara holds her Master's degree in Applied Exercise Physiology from Columbia University- Teachers College as well as a Bachelor's degree in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience from Villanova University. She has close to 10 years of coaching experience including gymnastics, group fitness, CrossFit, and personal training. Chiara’s love for fitness started at a young age with gymnastics; following that she began CrossFit as well as Judo (in which she holds a green belt). Chiara is passionate about educating her clients so they understand the preventative, rehabilitative, and functional importance of exercise. Due to her educational background and her own experiences as an athlete, Chiara focuses on ensuring her clients' programs are best tailored using evidence-based practice to their goals whether that be for weight management, injury prevention, sport-specific training, improved functionality, or more! When she is not at the gym, Chiara can be found reading, attending concerts, or tackling her newest endeavor, rock climbing!


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