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An Ice Cream Moment

I was talking to a friend yesterday who just came back from Europe. She was talking to me about her amazing trip and all the fun things she did. What stuck out was how she mentioned how happy & healthy everyone seemed.  It was a guilt free

One of THOSE days

We all have THOSE days. The days where no matter how good your fitness intentions are, things don't go as planned. You can only run at half your usual speed, you can't hold a standing balance pose in yoga class for more than half a second without

Taste the Rainbow

What do you think of when someone says we're having salad for dinner? "Boring?"  "That won't fill me up!" "Is that the appetizer?" Sound familiar? Sure if the salad consists of iceberg lettuce and tomato with a processed Italian Dressing then

Consistency is Key

Between the non-stop snow and the messy commutes, just leaving the house takes a lot of effort these days. If you're like me, then you know how easy it can be to get in a routine of hunkering down at home, watching tv and maybe baking (ie eating)


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