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#CACfitfam Instagram Contest

#CACfitfam Contest Rules Follow us @cambridgeathleticclub on instagram Snap a photo of yourself doing something healthy and post on instagram - it can be a photo from your workout, a healthy lunch, a view from your run or the stairs you took

Fitter Winner Contest

CAC's Fitter Winner is a 6 week group contest running from March 21st through April 28th. Each Fitter Winner participant will be assigned to a team and coach, and will meet with them once a week for a 45-minute HIIT style workout. The Red Team

Ryan’s Valentine

Are you in a relationship and looking for a new idea this Valentine's Day? That is where I was at until I decided to surprise my girlfriend by registering her for an upcoming Spartan Race. I had completed one last year and she instantly became

Making New Years Resolutions that Stick

Like most other people, you probably find yourself starting 2016 a few pounds heavier than you did a couple months ago and determined to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon. I just have one question for you: How are you going to make your


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