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Let’s Talk About Stress

Ahhh Stress. Why is it we have to completely beat ourselves into the ground before we realize we need a “me” moment? I sincerely believe everyone, including myself, can be way less stressed than we are on a day to day basis. According to

What’s the Deal with Protein

There is so much information (and misinformation) out there about nutrition that sometimes, it can leave your head spinning. One of the topics that I think causes the most confusion, especially among fitness enthusiasts, is the amount of protein

Recipe of the Month – August

August 2015  Summer is still in full-swing and with it, outdoor parties and BBQs. The recipes below can be served as refreshing, healthy additions to any menu! Watermelon, Feta and Basil Salad with Balsamic Drizzle Watermelon is a hydrating

Why Am I Not Losing Any Weight?

As a registered dietitian and group fitness instructor, I would say people most commonly ask me for weight loss advice. In fact, a recent study indicates that 55% of Americans attempt to lose weight at least once a year! Even more shocking, in 2012,


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