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Vicky Baican
  Personal Trainer  


Susanna Wong

I absolutely love Vicky! She’s very professional and definitely knows what’s she doing. I love coming into the gym for my personal training sessions because I know that even if I am feeling discouraged, Vicky will always find a way to make me feel motivated again!


She will never ever sugarcoat or fluff anything and will tell you the truth and that is very valuable to me because I rather hear the truth so that I can make improvements rather than hear false praise and stay where I am.


Without a doubt, I would recommend Vicky to anyone and in a heartbeat! 

Andrew  LaPrade

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I've had a number of sessions with Vicky now and things have been awesome. She's varied and adjusted custom routines, corrected and improved my form, and has been an overall positive and motivating force. 


Appreciate everything.

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