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Stavy Papadopoulou
  Elite Trainer  


Matty Poitras

Just wanted to drop a note that Stavy' the best. Cole was good but the Greek freak figured out my body, the way my mind works, and actually got me to see fitness the way she does, which is pure joy.. 


We've made incredible gains the past three months and it's only getting better. She takes great pride in being more than just a physical consultant but someone helping me reshape myself into something completely new. She's the coolest, so sweet and honest  in the best way possible. 


The most impressive thing is that I'm always looking for obscure fitness things on YouTube and every time I bring it up she knows exactly what I mean, then explains why we're actually doing xyz... to further isolate the issue for strength and flexibility. 


What a lovely person. 

Justin Witwicki

My personal training sessions with Stavroula each week are two of the most challenging hours of my week, but also the most rewarding.  “Stavy” dedicated immense effort to learning and understanding my goals and my capabilities, and spends considerable time before each of our workouts planning a routine that will push me closer to achieving those goals. 


She meets her clients where they are in terms of their current fitness but pushes them just a little beyond their comfort zone to achieve lasting results.  She constantly adjusts each workout routine to improve the experience. 


She is also extremely flexible, allowing me to prioritize my fitness goals around a relatively hectic schedule.  After just a few months, I already look and feel better and have renewed confidence both in and out of the gym. 


I cannot recommend Stavy more highly!  She is a consummate professional and a world-class trainer!

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