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New to Group Fitness?

Your Smart Schedule for Group Fitness classes
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CAC is offering a free scheduling service for all our current members; especially aimed at anyone new to joining our group exercise classes and who needs a little help creating an efficient and consistent fitness routine.

If you’re looking to do 2, 3, or maybe 4 classes a week at either our 600 Technology Square or our 215 First location, but you aren’t sure when or which classes, here is what CAC can do for you:


  1. Choose your primary location below by following the link to either Tech Sq or First St. The link will direct you to a schedule questionnaire (read the next steps before following the link).

  2. The questionnaire will take you through some general class options as well as give you a chance to give us your day-to-day availability for taking classes at CAC.

  3. Once the questionnaire is finalized, it will automatically be sent to a CAC coach who - based on your answers - will create an optimal, weekly Group Exercise schedule for you. Within a couple of days, you will receive a PDF with your personalized schedule. 

  4. Once you have given us the thumbs up on your new schedule, CAC will also sign you up for those classes through our online system and you will see yourself signed up for those classes in your CAC app. All you need to do is to come to the gym and take the classes you are signed up for! 

  5. Consistency is key to leveling up in your fitness journey! With our help, following a consistent fitness schedule should now be easier; we will set you up for 8 weeks on your new schedule, if after that time you are ready for more classes or you just need a new fitness class lineup, we can create a new schedule for you!

We are here to help!


If you have any additional questions about this option, please reach out to, Group Exercise Manager at CAC.


If you are not a current CAC member, contact, CAC’s General Manager, to find the best membership option for you. 


Note that it is always possible to sign up for additional classes than the ones CAC signed you up for; if you see a class you want to attend outside of your personalized schedule, simply sign up for it through your app!

This program is for members only.

215 First Street Members

600 Technology Square Members

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