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Gift Guide for the Fitness Fan in Your Life

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

You’ve already completed the holiday body wash, lotion, and candle shopping spree.

Maybe you even got wild and grabbed some boxes of assorted chocolates and gift cards to everyone’s favourite big-name retailer.

These are the typical “I don’t know you that well, but I at least understand the human experience” presents. Do you want to move beyond the basics and be known as the ultimate gifter? Put down that novelty mug— please— and read on for the perfect assortment of presents for that health-conscious boss, your yogi cousin, and more.


1 • Yoga Pants… With POCKETS

Sure, it’s possible to shove your phone into your bra or the waistband of your pants… but is it comfortable? (Go ahead. Ask this in the middle of a gym. The answer will be a resounding NO.) Give the gift of storage space. You’ll never see more excitement than a woman’s eyes lighting up as she says “ohmygod it has pockets.”

2 • Workout Sets

Why does wearing a matching top + bottoms set feel so luxurious? Why do we suddenly feel like our life is together just because our leggings are the same color as our sports bra? We can't give you the psychology behind the feeling, just some recommendations.


3 • Glute Bands

Somehow simultaneously the best and worst addition to your lower body workouts, resistance bands add... well, resistance to body-weight exercises. Great for that person always obsessing over Instagram influencers' booty workouts. ("I mean, have you seen Jen Selter?")

4 • Water Bottles

Okay, to be fair, everyone drinks water. But going to the gym without a water bottle is almost sacrilege. You either end up with the driest mouth in the world, or you have to buy a plastic water bottle that 1. tastes weird and 2. is bad for Mother Earth. So save your friend some cash and the Earth some plastic, and check these reusable, BPA-free water bottles out.

5 • And more...

Some miscellaneous treats for the active loved one/acquaintance/secret snowflake who you absolutely need to shop for within the week because oh no Chanukah starts next Sunday and Christmas next Wednesday where'd the month go


Finally, if you know them well enough, treat them to a membership, a package of classes or personal training, or a gift certificate to the fitness center they frequent. We even have customizable holiday-themed cards for all you last-minute gifters. Shh.. we won't date it 😉

The countdown begins! But now you have all the knowledge you need to grab the perfect present for your fitness-fanatic neighbor.

Don't sweat it.

(Until you get to the gym, of course.)

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