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 Mariette Martinez 
  Master Trainer  


Mariette is such an amazing trainer! When I started training with her at CAC, I was very out of shape and new to the gym world. Mariette has been great at patiently guiding me towards the correct execution of each exercise, without ever making me feel judged or inadequate. She developed a program that was challenging enough to improve my fitness level at an incredible pace but never so difficult to make me want to stop. She’s encouraging and motivating and has always listened to my feedback and concerns and regularly adjusted the program to meet my objectives. She is extremely knowledgeable and competent at what she does and provides the best quality training. After only a few weeks, I noticed a significant difference in my fitness level and visible changes to my body shape, and my motivation level as well. I have never been so committed to working out before, and I owe this to Mariette. -Martina

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