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Core Exercises

Dive into our exclusive series of workout videos featuring our expert personal trainers showcasing a variety of core exercises. Strengthen your abdominal muscles, improve stability, and sculpt your midsection with guided demonstrations by our skilled trainers. Whether you're a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, these videos will inspire and guide you towards a stronger, more resilient core. Elevate your fitness journey with Cambridge Athletic Club's Personal Training Team – where core strength meets expert guidance!

Upper Body Pull Variations - X Pull

X cable pull

Squat Variations - Zercher Squat

Zercher squat

Overhead Press Variation - Z Press

Z overhead press

Deadlift Variation - Sumo Grip

Sumo grip deadlift

Core - Kettlebell Marches

Kettlebell marches

Bench Press Variations - Incline

Incline bench press

Upper Body Pull Variations - Tri Pull

Tri cable pull

Squat Variations - Overhead Squat

Overhead squat

Overhead Press Variation - Unilateral Press

Unilateral overhead press

Deadlift Variation - Snatch Grip

Snatch grip deadlift

Core - Deadbugs


Bench Press Variations - Close-grip

Close-grip bench press

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