CAC Rewards

Introducing our collab with Perkville, where you can EARN POINTS for just coming into the gym. CAC Rewards is available right in your CAC App, or at Once you're enrolled, you can easily redeem Points for merchandise, free sessions, and much more. It's fun, easy, and completely free – just be sure to complete your registration!

Below are some of the activities that get you credit, and some of the Rewards you can earn! Sign up now to get your first 250 points.


Refer a Friend | +1000

Birthday | +500

Join Rewards Program | +250

Yelp/Google Review | +150

Group Fitness Class Attended | +90

Personal Training Session Attended | +80

Instagram Tag | +20

Club Check-In | +5

Jumping on Box
front desk checking in


CAC Water Bottle | 300 Points

Black CAC Mask | 350 Points

Guest Pass | 500 Points

CAC T-Shirt | 600 Points

$25 Off Zipcar | 750 Points

CAC Shorts | 800 Points

CAC Sweatshirt | 950 Points

InBody Body Comp Test | 1000 Points