See what our personal training clients have to say about the amazing trainers here at CAC!

Sheri A.

I met Jared Jalbert about one year ago during his Tuesday 12:10pm RPM class at Cambridge Athletic Club.  It was my first time back to the gym in about six months and my motivation level was lacking.  Within the RPM class, it became apparent right away that Jared has a great ability to manage and motivate a large class, yet at the same time give each student individual attention.  Since I started taking RPM, I have rarely missed a Tuesday class because of Jared.  In fact, after taking Jared’s class for a few months, I decided to sign up for personal training with him.  Not only was I confident in his skill level as a trainer, but I felt comfortable with him as a person.  He had already motivated me so much in RPM class, so I knew that training with him would be a great experience.  Prior to training, Jared and I had a short meeting to discuss my goals, strength level, schedule and diet.  Since then, Jared has continued to be a positive role model in reshaping my lifestyle and my body.  He challenged me to reach goals that I did not believe I could ever reach.  Because of Jared’s encouragement and enthusiasm, I have not only become so much more confident in my athletic abilities but in myself as well.  Thanks to Jared, my workout “routine” has become something that is not routine at all, but just a part of how I live my life.

Penny C.

I have been working with Emily Huebner since this past February. I am 62, had not worked out in years and was finally beginning to lose some weight. I wanted: a-to continue losing weight; b-work with someone who could make sure I was doing the exercises safely as I had no idea where to even start, and lastly to increase my endurance as I was always the last one in any family hikes and could not climb stairs without needing a break.

Emily is able to blend the right amount of enthusiasm and instruction so our sessions are never dull or lacking in being challenging to push my body. She evaluates me carefully as we go through the exercises to correct any misalignment or unsafe movements as well as checking in with me to make sure I am not hurting. I now have some noticeable muscles in my arms, have continued to lose weight and am toning up in most areas of my body and can now climb up 8 flights of stairs. Emily keeps me motivated to continue and offers positive reinforcement just when it is needed. I feel fortunate to be working with her and would definitely recommend her to all!


Jen T.

I have been training with Danel Cedent three to four times a week now for over the last year and a half. I have been working with trainers for over close to fifteen years and Danel is by far the best trainer I have had and has helped me achieved results that I never thought were possible.
I have been training at Cambridge AthIetic Club for three years and had joined their Crossfit group. I always loved the classes that Danel taught but I often couldn’t make his classes. After a while, I got a bit bored with Crossfit and decided to just work exclusively with Danel. I have always worried with trainers that sessions become repetitive however, we have yet to do the same workout while working out together given his vast knowledge. Even though I have been training for a long time, he challenges me in every single workout. At the same time, he is very careful that I keep my form so I don’t get injured. In fact, I recommended him to a friend who had recently been tore her MCL and she was really excited that he could help her with her injury. It’s clear that he knows how to handle clients of all fitness abilities.
In addition to his workout style, he has also been able to change my eating habits. I have a scientific background and read a lot about nutrition and have always known where my diet downfall was. For whatever reason, Danel is the first trainer that has been able to motivate me to permanently change my eating habits. Since training with him, my body looks leaner than it did before I had a baby and can say that this is the best shape that I ever been.

Jen R.

Tanner is an intelligent and skilled personal trainer. He listens well, takes my goals to heart and works me hard to attain them. Tanner is relentless in ensuring that my form is correct and my challenges grow with my abilities. I look back at where I started and am amazed at what I can now handle on a strength and cardio level. Personal training improved my performance during my sports seasons as well as my overall confidence. Tanner is creative and varies the workouts to keep things interesting. Among other things, I’ve used a punching bag, flipped a tire, wielded a sledgehammer, and my favorite: balanced on an inverted bosu ball while he threw a weighted ball at me. What I really like about our sessions, is despite the fact that he makes me do things that are difficult and unpleasant, I end up laughing and enjoying myself and find that our time flies by.

Mark D.

I started working in the building next to CAC mid-2014, joined CAC last Fall, and received a complimentary session with a personal trainer. I had never used a personal trainer before, but wanted to see what added benefit a trainer could provide to my workout. I was expecting only to use the free session and then do workouts on my own. Emily was the trainer assigned to my free session. After working with her that first time and meeting with her briefly afterwards, I decided to try twice a week sessions for a couple of months. I have enjoyed working with Emily. She quickly found my principle weaknesses and designed workout routines to make progress as quickly as possible. She also varies the routines and never lets me get bored. Emily also seems to know when to push me harder (more reps, 1 more set) and when to move on to the next exercise. I saw such good signs of progress in my strength and stability, that I extended the workouts for an additional 6 months. With Emily’s help, and many sore muscles, I am much stronger all around, especially upper body, which was a weakness for me.

 Sandra M.

I met Eric in October, 2011 during my Complimentary Personal Fitness Evaluation. I can’t pinpoint what exactly it was about him – maybe his warmth, compassion, and deep desire to help others gain a better quality of life – but I signed up for personal training that same night!

I  knew I wanted to get started and after talking with Eric and then doing our Personal Fitness Evaluation, I could tell that he wasn’t just going through the motions; he wanted to know what my goals were, and he assured me that through hard work and dedication we would get there.  Eric’s answers weren’t generic or rehearsed.  On the contrary, I felt very comfortable – like I was talking to a friend that I had known for a really long time!

I came to Eric not only with a weight problem, but also multiple old injuries.  I’ve had plantar fasciitis for as long as I can remember, a hurt right shoulder and sore knees from trying to work out on my own!

I can’t be more grateful to Eric!  I’m beginning to feel like myself again, and at the same time becoming this new woman! Eric is extremely dedicated and very knowledgeable!  He has taken the extra time to be patient and work around my injuries as well as my occasional freak-outs about not losing enough weight in a week or a month.  But I’ve stuck with his Body Transformation Program and have seen immense progress.

I keep a food log which he goes over with me and gives me great feedback on how to maximize my weight loss by eating properly. Not only have I lost over 50lbs (and counting…) but I no longer have pain when walking. Eric has cured my plantar fascitis, and my knees and shoulder continue to get stronger.

Eric diligently takes the time to follow up with me on any questions by email.   I hope to be working with Eric for a really long time. I want this to be long term, so when I reach my goal, our next step will be maintenance! No looking back!

Thank you Eric, I’m so proud to be a member of your 50lbs down club!

Catherine G.

In October, I decided to give getting in shape another try after  becoming a bit despondent when I was unable to keep up with my husband and children during our hikes on summer vacation – so I met with Eric. I was more than 220 pounds, very deconditioned, and became winded just climbing a single flight of stairs.  I enjoyed weight training in my 20s, but naturally, I strayed from the concern of my own health due to the competing demands of a stressful job, two energetic children and home life.

There came a point when I found it difficult to make my own health a priority, which happens to so many of us. I’d gotten myself into this mess, but I really didn’t know how I was going to get out on my own. I met with Eric for my Personal Fitness Evaluation shortly after joining the CAC.  He told me about his Body Transformation Program, and I was assured that if I followed his program, I would make the serious weight loss and health goals that I had been seeking since I lost track of my own health – which in turn would benefit my husband and my children.

Many things work for me with personal training.  Eric holds me accountable to stay committed to the program in the long-term.  Knowing what he expects from me – that he is going to check on my progress, diet and nutritional program – is a major motivator for me. Some days, I find it difficult to imagine going to the CAC to get a good workout after a stressful, 10-hour workday.  But Eric makes it much easier with his positive attitude and encouragement that pushes me to make the most out of our time.  If I am going to spend more time away from my family, I want that time to be productive, and Eric makes that happen.  He always plans ahead and develops workouts based on my own specific needs that are very efficient and effective. He gives me workouts to do on my own,  a great deal of nutritional advice  necessary to maximize my progress, and  a great deal of encouragement and assurance that we will reach my final goal if we continue to work hard and follow his program – and in that I firmly believe.

I have come a long way in the last 7 months.   I’ve lost 53 pounds,  4 clothing sizes, and I’m just 1 pound away from my yearly weight loss goal of 54lb – and we’ve reached that in only 8 months!!! I couldn’t run a block in October. Now I  can run 3 miles, at least 3 times a week. I’ll be running my first 5K later this month.  I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years. I have much more energy and feel so much better every day.  I can keep up with my kids now, hiking, climbing or playing at the park.

Working with Eric has truly made this possible for me. Eric is very knowledgeable in physiology, biomechanics and has a true understanding of how to make huge changes in the physical and psychological lives of people, you and me alike. He is very encouraging and positive and has a wonderful energy that helps me stay committed to such a rigorous program. I’m not yet where I want to be overall, but close to it, and now I finally know that I will get there, thanks to Eric!

Susan H.

At age 62, after a decades long career spent mostly at a desk, I tentatively entered CAC in hopes of starting a fitness program with the goals of improving balance and flexibility, strengthening bones, and gaining overall fitness.  I was extremely fortunate to meet Schyanne Halfkenny who performed an initial assessment and shortly thereafter became my personal trainer.

Two months into the program, I’m feeling more energetic, more confident that I can become fit, and committed to continuing a fitness program.  Schyanne has been an excellent PT for me – she demonstrates, explains, and corrects each exercise; she encourages and adjusts workouts as we go; and she provides plans for workouts on my own time.  She has a great sense of what I can and cannot yet do and also of just how much to push.  During our sessions, she stays focused on me – she’s kind, patient, and persistent in her instructions.  I’m learning how to get the most out of exercise, and Schyanne has been great. I always look forward to training sessions with her, and I leave each session feeling better than when I enter.

Jon R.

When I came to Danel just over five months ago I was in the worst physical shape of my life. My clothes didn’t fit properly; I felt weak; and worst of all, a girl I didn’t even know said I looked “skinny-fat”, whatever that means. I was quite insulted, but, it was sadly true. I’m actually very glad this total stranger decided to make that comment, because that, of all things, was what motived me to get back into shape, and otherwise I wouldn’t have met Danel.

Danel evaluated my fitness, strength, and endurance. I told him my goals were to not only lose weight, get strong, and look good, but also have the fitness, agility, and functionality of an athlete. Danel came back with a very well crafted program. The first few weeks were focused on fat burning exercises.The results began to show very quickly and when I was ready Danel then moved me on to a hypertrophy regimen. Once I had enough strength, we started training power lifting exercises, followed by a round of endurance and agility.

What I really like about Danel’s style is that he adjusts the program as my abilities, strength, endurance, and body changes. Each routine builds upon and reinforces the last. Not once have I felt like I’ve plateaued, something that has plagued me with previous trainers.

As far as the individual sessions, each one is completely different. I’ve probably used every piece of equipment in the gym, from the sled, tire and kettle bells, to the ropes, boxes, and foam rollers. This not only makes the workouts fun and interesting, but also eliminates the dread of knowing what is coming next. Ignorance is bliss, at least for me.

Ultimately, hiring a trainer is about getting results. Let’s start with the numbers. When I began training with Danel I weighed 192 lbs and had 27% body fat. Over the course of five months that went down to 178lbs and 12% body fat. These are some great numbers. I lost 30.5 lbs of body fat and gained 17 lbs of muscle. As far as feats of athleticism, I can do 10 unassisted pull ups in a row. I bench 185lbs. I can easily box jump 44″ and came very close to box jumping 50″. I can do a split jerk of 185lbs, and dead lift 315 lbs. Most recently I did the 360 test in 25 minutes (assisted pull-ups). These definitely satisfy my original goals and more.

But beyond results, I think Danel is a great person. He’s always encouraging, but will never let you slack off. He remains positive and motivating despite recent health concerns. His attitude in the face of adversity is frankly quite inspiring and I look forward to continuing my training with him for as long as I can.

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