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Cambridge Racquetball ActionRacquetball has long been a staple of the Cambridge Athletic Club and we hold true to our origins. With an entire section of courts for both racquetball and squash, the action and availability can’t be beat. Speak to the club pro for a free evaluation and ranking and then get involved in the challenge ladders, boxed ladders, and round robin tournaments for one of the best ways to make fitness fun!

Round Robin Schedule

C.A.C. offers round robins each week. Simply sign-up and there will be fellow racquetball players rotating through games/players between all the courts. The round robin will be run by Naji Khan, the Racquet Sports Program Director. Round Robin play is a great way to meet, play and interact with fellow players!

"Summer/Fall" Round-Robins Schedule (effective September 1st)

              6:00-7:30pm [lower-intermediate]
              sign-up available @ 3pm Monday.

             3:45-5:15pm [intermediate]
              sign-up available @ 12pm Saturday

Each round-robin is limited to 6 players. Participants must sign-up through the Front Desk on the same day as the round-robin (at the designated time). Call the Front Desk at 617-491-8989. New members, beginners, and advanced players are required to register with Naji Khan, the Racquet Sports Program Director.

Private Lessons
C.A.C. racquetball pro Pat Kelsey is available for racquetball lessons. Contact him at pat@cambridgeathletic.com

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