See what our members have to say!

“Why am I proud to be a CAC member?  I have been a CAC member for over 3 years and I have been treated with respect and kindness by the staff members, the instructors and trainers that are employed by the CAC.      This is not a luxury gym-it’s a gym where you walk in and feel comfortable and at ease with yourself no matter what shape you are in.  The CAC is always looking for ways to inspire their members through amazing classes and different trainings that are offered.    Even in the weight area where many can often feel intimidated-you do not.      There are people working out at all different fitness levels at all times.      I have been a member of many gyms over the years and even though my company built a gym onsite, I still wish to remain at the CAC.      You are greeted with a smile upon entering and you are always told to have a great night when you exit-it’s a small thing but it makes a huge difference to me and why I am a loyal member of this gym.”

Kelly J.

“I have been a member at CAC since 2010.  I can’t imagine not being a member here.  The staff, trainers, and instructors are so very welcoming and they are truly an inspiration.  I do not believe I would exercise nearly as much if it weren’t for how fabulous they all are at CAC.  I leave there after a workout feeling less stressed and more exhilarated and I am usually already planning my next workout.  Thank you for being such a great place to work-out!”

Lori M.

CAC group fitness offers such a variety of classes that it made getting back into the gym so easy for me. After giving birth to my second child I vowed to myself I was signing up to the gym and getting fit as soon as I could. I signed up and for the first few week did some cardio and got bored QUICK so started trying out some group fitness classes.

I was greeted in every class I took by the instructors who either introduced them-self to me or welcomed me back to the gym and  immediately encouraged me to do what I could while  also letting me know that I was capable of anything.

The motivation and expertise showcased by the CAC group fitness instructors has been so valuable to me. The instructors are always mindful of the fitness level of everyone in classes and offer modifications to most moves making classes less intimidating for me. I feel confident knowing I can tailor moves to my needs.

I am so grateful to the CAC group fitness instructors who make working out an enjoyable, challenging, and a rewarding experience for me.

With the variety of classes offered (body combat, Zumba, Bootcamp, body pump…the list goes on)  and the amazing group fitness staff I am well on my way to achieving my fitness goals!

Special shout outs to Ashley, David, Sue, Deb, and Jen who all teach amazing classes and motivate me so much. Thanks!

Shani E.

I’ve been going to the fitness classes offered by CAC this past year, and consequently my own personal fitness has reached a whole new level.  The class frequency, positive energy and enthusiasm of the instructors, and friendliness and accessibility of the staff have made me eager to show up to the gym and push myself more than I ever have before.  These guys are great—let them take charge of your health!  You’ll be feeling and looking your best in no time.

Simanta R.

Regularly attending CX Worx has made a huge difference in my body and my life. I can feel the dramatic increase in core strength during my regular daily routine, and can see real improvements while playing sports. I play roller derby, and the added strength and stability means that I fall less, I’m more agile, and I’m more ready for the lateral movements that are so critical in derby. I’m really thankful that you introduced CX Worx at the CAC, it’s been a wonderful addition to my cross training.

Heather D.

BodyPump is the cornerstone of my exercise regiment. I love the positive atmosphere and encouraging instructors. It definitely helped me lose 45 pounds this year (so far).

Greg B.

CAC was my first gym experience, and has set my expectations high for all future gym experiences.  The facility is well equipped, impeccably maintained, and staffed with knowledgeable and friendly trainers.  As a beginner I appreciated their patient explanations, and as I progressed they kept me engaged by raising the bar and offering a wide range of activities.  In a short time I’ve learned tons about how to challenge and maintain myself, and have seen appreciable improvements in my physique.  CAC is a great environment where I feel like I’m among friends.

Peter L.

Let’s keep the review balanced and start with really bad things. CAC holds so many classes, that it is humanly impossible to join all of them, so I always feel left out of something funJ Next, CAC team seems to have organized an on-demand world-wide time contraction: once you come to a class, it feels too short, even though all clocks say that they last for announced 45 to 55 minutes… Seriously, starting last fall, I have used machines or worked out on my own on very few occasions even though I frequent CAC 5 times a week: the variety and quality of the classes is exceptional! And Zumba is the funnest of all, try it if you have not already!


CAC is a great gym with an extremely friendly and helpful staff.  The friendly environment puts you at ease and the staff always welcomes their members with a smile!  The facility itself is well-equipped and maintained.  It is spotlessly clean and very spacious.  The classes are well run by experienced, well trained staff and the personal trainers are there to whip you into shape.  You’ll feel fit and healthy in no time!


Cambridge Athletic Club has been a really great place to workout.  After I started I took advantage of the Personal Training to try to get me back into a regular routine.  My trainer was friendly and knowledgeable.  If he didn’t know an answer to a question I asked during my training, he’d definitely have it by the time my next session came up.  After our first couple workouts together, he knew how hard to push me. The front staff is always welcoming, and while becoming a regular visitor, they have come to know me pretty well.  Being a routine visitor, there are other CAC regulars you can pass by and greet you.  If there’s ever any questions about the facility, the staff is always available to offer advice. The facility itself is pretty amazing, considering the amount of space they work with.  From the free weights to the machines to the clean locker rooms each visit is enjoyable from start to end.  I’ve never had to wait to share any of the cardio equipment, and sharing the machines has never been difficult.  Having the options of the courts (basketball, squash and racquetball) is very nice, even if I don’t always use them.  I am very happy with my membership and routine experiences with CAC.

Greg H.

I am a happy CAC customer who has been using the club for almost five years. I am particularly happy with the squash program there. The program caters to all levels of players, and there’s no shortage of good players to play with. The organized squash there is also very convenient with several sessions each week. Beyond this, the weight/circuit room is terrific, as are the free parking and the locker room facilities.

Ravi P.

One of my work benefits is a gym membership.  Because our offices are in the same building, it made sense that CAC would be our offices’ gym.  During the past four years that I’ve been here, this gym has gone through many renovations and it keeps improving.  There is much more space and I love that there is more, newer equipment.  I also love the staff.  Once they know who you are, they don’t forget you.  They make you feel welcomed and the gym feels like a community.  I’m a big fan of group classes and I always feel good after taking a class with David.  His energy is great!  Finally, I’m a big fan of the new RPM class.  Holy workout.

Jessica D.

The CAC has undergone some great transformations over the past couple of years -expanded space, new equipment, a diverse and full class schedule with times that accommodate the morning, afternoon and post work gym goers.  As a member for over 5 years it’s almost like a new gym.  I would tell anyone that knew the ‘old CAC’ to come back and pay a visit to the ‘new CAC’. The Cambridge Athletic Club has more of a community feel to it versus being just another gym to go bust a workout at. The staff and instructors make you feel comfortable and are very friendly. Fellow members become familiar faces and sometimes you make new friends. The CAC definitely has a unique atmosphere in that sense.

Stephanie H.