Fitness On Demand at the Cambridge Athletic Club!

What is it?

Fitness_On_Demand_KioskFitness On Demand™ provides an easy group fitness or individual workout solution that gives members instant access to MORE of the classes they want. It provides an option for taking group exercise classes at off ‘peak times’. Anyone who can’t attend a scheduled instructor-led fitness class because they have to work late or go in to the office early will appreciate CAC’s new feature: Fitness On Demand!
We will not be replacing the live classes and instructors you love, just offering additional classes and more options for you! Fitness On Demand virtual classes will be offered on the schedules at both our 215 First St. and 600 Technology Sq. locations. Classes will include P90X, Pilates, Insanity, Yoga and more!
See our full Fitness on Demand schedule HERE.

Virtual Class Demos


Yoga Fit Flow