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Cambridge Boxing

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What is Cambridge Boxing?

Cambridge Boxing is an authentic boxing workout where you learn how to hit like a heavyweight champion as well as practice basic footwork and defensive techniques. You will feel empowered as you punch a heavy bag and get in great shape because you will torch calories. Boxing is a full body workout which will improve your cardiovascular and endurance systems while training you upper, lower and core body strength.

Why do Cambridge Boxing?

Not only will you become a better athlete from taking boxing classes, you will also relieve your stress. When you are boxing your focus is on your technique which allows your outside stresses to disappear. This workout will also improve your agility and edurance in most aspects of your life. Improvements in hand eye coordinations will also translate into any other athletic activites you may participate in. 

Who is able to take Cambridge Boxing?

Any fitness level is welcome in our boxing classes! Our CAC instructors always have modifications to help you acheive the most out of your classes. 

When is Cambridge Boxing offered?

You can choose a 6 pack, 12 pack or our new UNLIMITED option. This class is only offered at our 215 first street location. Just simply click on the day and time you want to reserve your spot!

New to small group training- our UNLIMITED package! Want to try multiple small group training classes during your session? Sign up for UNLIMITED and get the freedom to choose!

Tuesday 6:15am

Tuesday 5:30pm

Thursday 6:15am

Sunday 10:00am

How do i get started?

Simply click on any day you wish above and sign up! Or email Carla with any questions and to sign up.