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What is Cambridge Bootcamp?

Cambridge Bootcamp is a dynamic, body- blasting, team training class. This program will push you to your limits with creativeworkouts, goal-oriented challenges and heart pumping exercises that will make you and your muscles fit and strong! Bootcamps goal is to promote agility, strength and endurance.


Why do Cambridge Bootcamp?

Bootcamp will challenge every muscle in your body and get your heart rate up for maximum results. It not only torches calories, it will also improve your confidence when you accomplish what you think is impossible. Bootcamp uses interval training which challenges your body differently than just continuous exercise. Along with the workout, bootcamp is designed to create camaradarie between the particpants.


Who is able to do Cambridge Bootcamp?

Anyone! Our CAC drill sargeants can modify all exercises for any fitness level. People of all ages have done our bootcamp and have seen results. Whether you are looking to lose or just want to increase your strength and energy, this class is for you.

When is it offered?

You can choose a 6 pack, 12 pack or our new UNLIMITED option. We will be offering Cambridge Bootcamp small group trainings at two of our locations, 215 First Street and Technology Square.

New to small group training- our UNLIMITED package! Want to try multiple small group training classes during your session? Sign up for UNLIMITED and get the freedom to choose!

See our complete schedule HERE.

How do I get started?

Purchase a 612, or unlimited package at our online store! Or you can email Carla with any questions and to sign up.



I liked the consistency w/knowing what the warm up was, the group drill in beginning and knowing that we always had 5 circuits to do. Anything with the tire is good though. I like the sledgehammer and the ropes even though they are exhausting.You definitely kicked my butt!

– Session 3

  I would definitely recommend CAC Bootcamp to anyone looking to jump start their fitness routine!

-Session 6