Fit Pregnancy – Tips from a newbie!

I’ve been insanely lucky to have had the easiest pregnancy I could have ever wished for. However, that came with an insane amount of work! Here are a few tips I picked up along the way….

    1. Throw away anything you ever assumed about pregnancy. A lot of people have a lot of things to say the minute they find out you’re rocking a baby bump. Some of it can be helpful but for most of it you have to forge your own path. My pregnancy was nothing like anyone kept trying to push on me. I had zero cravings – all food aversions instead. My first trimester “fun” lasted until about 19 weeks not the normal 12 etc. DELETE IT FROM YOUR MIND! You’ll be so much happier as opposed to “I’m doing this wrong” or “I’m not normal.”
    2. You’re seriously not eating for two – don’t make excuses. Something I strived for was not overeating just because I had an excuse. Packing little healthy snacks (thanks Pinterest) really helped settle my stomach. Adding around 300 calories to your daily diet is fine, but you really don’t need anywhere near double the usual! If you want to eat something overly yummy – just do it! You’re growing a whole human in there, you totally deserve it. But don’t do it at every single meal or every single day. As our awesome Nutrition Director, Jess would say – Moderation is key 🙂
    3.  Surround yourself with a great support team! I’m fortunate enough to work at a place where I’m surrounded by the great minds of fitness on a daily basis. But at home if it wasn’t for my husband or mom supporting me to make sure I’m getting in my cardio or “do I reallllllly need that ice cream?” – I probably wouldn’t have stayed under my 20lb goal! Make sure you have some friends/family who understand what YOU want out of your pregnancy. If you love to workout don’t be surprised when people who hate working out tell you that you shouldn’t be anymore. Pick your team carefully.
    4. Don’t panic! I wanted to have a baby, I asked for this. But my life is not over! Make a list of things you want to do with the hubby pre-baby. Have fun with not delaying on things you’ve pushed off for years. Being a #fitmom is not just working out or eating healthy. Balance is everything in life – especially now! All the little stuff will fall into place. Being prepared is amazing but you’re not going to be able to have everything 100% planned. I’m an INSANE planner and if I can realize this you can too 😉
    5. Have some awesome co-workers who buy your baby adorable clothes to rock out in! CAC baby gear is the cutest. 


      It’s a girl! #lilschnecks





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